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    Tiina Beaver

    I have been out of the profession since 2008 and have not been able to keep up with my computer skills; AutoCAD in particular. I am getting my resume and portfolio in order to present to local firms and feeling very confident about most everything except for my computer skills. I am quick to learn and especially since that is what I used to do it will probably come back quickly. I just wish there was a way to have a refresher course. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should do to brush up my computer skills?


    Robert Anderson


    Since 2008 a lot of things have changed. Unless you know what firm you are interested in and you know they use AutoCAD you may want to check other options out. Several firms that I know of are using SketchUp extensively, even to the point of using the layout feature and preparing construction documents using this program. Others are using other design software and are even branching out into BIM/SIM (Building Information Modeling or Site Information Modeling) in the form of Revit from Autodesk or Landmark from Vectorworks.

    Either way I would suggest you download a trial version and just jump right back in. While it has been seven 9 years not much has changed, and if you were a extensive user you will see it will come back to you. I’ve switched to Vectorworks Landmark six years ago and to this day if I have to go back to AutoCAD it comes back, all be it a little rusty.

    Best of luck on the job search and welcome back to the profession!


    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    The good news is that if you were pretty fluent in AutoCAD in 2008 you will have no trouble using it in 2017. A few more tools to simplify and add conveniences if you choose to use them, but you’ll be fully functional from day one. You’ll actually like some of the conveniences when you discover them.

    You’ll be fine!


    Tiina Beaver

    Thanks for the advice and confidence. I am excited about the future.


    Tiina Beaver

    Thank you so much for the confidence. A friend told me to use YouTube to get me back into practice. I will do this.

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